Rapid Support Forces supports Football Federation Sub-League in West Jabel Marra

23 Jun 2022

The Football Sub-League Competition has kicked off in West Jabel Marra with the participation of the Eighteen Football Club, under the sponsorship of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Gabal Marra Sector.
The opening ceremony was attended by the State Security Committee and the chairman of the local football federation.
Colonel Saleh Mohammed Adam Al-Fouti, the RSF commander for the Jabel Marra Sector, said sport is a bridge that fosters understanding and communication between communities. It also strengthens the social fabric and promotes peace, he said, adding that the RSF works closely with the local government to implement youth sport initiatives.
Meanwhile, Abir Ismail Abd El-Magid, who chairs the local football federation, expressed his thanks to the RSF for sponsoring youth events in Jabel Marra. He also praised its role in combating crime, maintaining peace and stability, securing the upcoming agricultural season, and providing transport for Sudanese certificate students.