Rapid Support Forces rescues 10 people in desert

25 May 2022

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Desert Shield Division has managed to rescue nine Sudanese people and one Libyan from the desert on the Sudan-Libya border after their vehicles broke down and they ran out of food and water.
The RSF received a report about the first incident and urgently deployed to the area to rescue the nine Sudanese and provide them with medical and other support.
While searching for their vehicle, the RSF received another report that a vehicle had broken down 49 kilometers away. The RSF also headed to that area and rescued an elderly Libyan.
The 10 people were evacuated to the Shafar-Let Military Base, where they were given medical support, shelter, and other humanitarian assistance.
RSF Shafar-Let Military Base Commander, Brigadier Osman Ali Abd Al-Magid stressed that the RSF is prepared to protect Sudan’s borders and fight crime in the country’s desert areas.