Transitional Sovereignty Council VP pushes for establishing new water stations in Khartoum

25 May 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has held a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace on Monday to discuss water supply issues in Khartoum State, and to follow up on previous meetings that took place in April.
The meeting was attended by Khartoum State Governor Ahmed Osman Hamza, Oil and Energy Minster Mohammed Abd Allah Mahmoud, and National Water Corporation General Director Mohammed Ali Al-Agab.
Hamza stressed the need to make a comprehensive report on the water supply situation and the challenges stemming from water shortages in the state.
He also noted that the meeting covered the state’s Water Emergency Program, which will repair broken and open new wells to ensure a sustainable water supply for the population.
He underscored that the water shortage is the result of a program announced by the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company, which negatively impacts water productivity flow.
Hamza also announced that studies have been conducted to allow for opening three more water supply stations – Abu Saad Station for South Omdurman, Um-Dom Station for East Nile, and Khogalab Station for North Bahri. He praised the vice president for his efforts to expedite construction to ensure an effective water supply for the local population.
The governor also apologized to the people of Khartoum State, particularly those who are affected by the water shortage.