Transitional Sovereignty Council VP: Sudan works hard to ensure justice is delivered in Ginena, Kerenk Camp

25 May 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo stressed that rule of law and transparency will prevail, and justice will be delivered to those who were behind the criminal activities that took place in the city of Ginena and in Kerenk Camp last April.
During a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace on Monday with National Human Rights Commission Chairman Dr. Rifi’at Mirghani Abbas, Dagalo stated that reports on the situation in Ginena and Kerenk should be submitted immediately after the commission’s field visit to the area.
In a press statement, Dr. Rifi’at said the meeting addressed efforts taken by the government and West Darfur State to improve the regional humanitarian situation and security.
He added that he briefed the vice president on a broad range of issues related to human rights in Sudan, as well as the commission’s findings in Ginena and Kerenk.