Transitional Sovereignty Council VP congratulates newly appointed Sudanese ambassadors

21 May 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has received in his office at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday a number of ambassadors who were nominated to work in Sudan’s embassies abroad.
In a press statement, Ambassador Adil Yousif Banaga, who was nominated to the post of chief of mission in Ireland, said the vice president urged them to double their efforts to strengthen Sudan’s economic, political, and security interests.
Banaga stressed that the ambassadors are determined to enhance Sudan’s foreign relations, achieve its interests, and promote its economic potential and investment opportunities, as well as strive to bolster Sudan’s relations with regional and international organizations.
He also praised the continuing support of the vice president and the Foreign Ministry.
The nominated ambassadors include: Ambassador Ahmed Khalid Sharfi to the United Arab Emirates; Ambassador Khalid Mohamed Farah Al-Fahal to France; Ambassador Rahama Salih Al-Obeid to Djibouti; Ambassador Ahmed Abdul-Rahman Mohamed Hassan Suwaral-Dahab to Qatar; Ambassador Hassan Hamed Hassan to Switzerland and as Sudan’s permanent representative to the UN; Ambassador Salah-Eddin Al-Haj Mohamed Al-Kando to Oman; Ambassador Salih Mohamed Ahmed Siddiq to Pakistan; Ambassador Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Awadal-Sid to Uganda; Ambassador Mawada Omer Haj Al-Toam Mohamed to Morocco; and, Ambassador Banaga to Ireland.