Sirba Locality Welcomes the RSF Militarily Support to Boost Security in West Darfur

25 Aug 2020
The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Militarily Support dispatched to West Darfur continued its tour in Kondni, Abu Suruj, Beir Daqiq and Beir Kilab in Sirba Locality to stand on the security situations, amid warm official and popular welcoming.
For his part, Commander of the RSF in West Darfur State sector, Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim said that the patrol comes within inspecting the security situations on the ground besides protecting the agricultural season, curbing the negative aspects, and firearms collection.
He pointed to the directives of the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, RSF Commander in Chief. 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo on the importance of boosting  security and stability in West Darfur.
The RSF Militarily Support Commander in Darfur States, Brig. Mohammed Saleh Abu Halima affirmed the preparedness of his forces to protect the citizens and their properties, besides safeguarding the agricultural season and eliminating all types of organized and borders-crossing crimes.
Abu Halima lauded the cooperation between the government of the state and other regular forces as they work as a team in carrying out their duties.