Transitional Sovereignty Council VP meets with French envoy to Sahel and Sahara

21 May 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has met in his office at the Presidential Palace on Monday with French Envoy for the Sahel and Sahara Region Bruno Foucher.
During the meeting, the participants discussed recent developments in Chad and the role that Sudan can play to help promote dialogue between the various parties in the country.
The meeting was attended by Foreign Ministry Acting Undersecretary Nadir Yousif and French Ambassador to Sudan Raja Rabie.
Dagalo welcomed the French envoy, stressing that France and Sudan continue to cooperate intimately on the bilateral and international level on numerous issues. He also praised the high level of relations between the two countries and the possibility to strengthen them to benefit both nations.
The vice president also underscored Sudan’s support for the people of Chad and efforts to achieve peace and stability, including in the format of dialogue hosted by Qatar.
He added that "Chad’s security and stability is vital for the security and stability of Sudan."