Acting Central Darfur governor praises Rapid Support Forces

21 May 2022

Acting Central Darfur Governor, Saad Adam Babiker has praised Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and the RSF’s efforts to achieve peace and stability in Darfur.
He made the statement during a visit, in which he inspected the RSF’s activities in Central Darfur and offered Eid Fitr congratulations to RSF personnel and the local community.
Babiker also praised the RSF’s efforts to settle disputes and maintain peace and stability in the country.
In turn, Twenty-First Infantry Commander for Zalingi, General Hamad al-Nil Abd al-Rahman saluted RSF commissioned and non-commissioned officers, while praying to the Almighty and asking for His wisdom and support to ensure peace and stability in Sudan.