Transitional Sovereignty Council VP: Security forces play significant role in maintaining unity and cohesion in Sudan

30 Apr 2022
Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo stressed that Sudan’s security forces are united and called for establishing a state where rule of law  prevails and everyone has equal rights and obligations.
He made the statement during a Ramadan Iftar held by Transitional Sovereignty Council President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.
Dagalo highlighted the significant role of the regular forces in building national cohesion and unity and ensuring integration in Sudan. He stated that disputes do not exist between the RSF and the Sudanese Army, and all forces are working together to maintain peace and stability in the country.
He also noted the importance of the Juba Peace Agreement in maintaining peace and stability in Sudan, while explaining that the implementation of security arrangements has been delayed due to the current economic and political situation in the country.
The vice president underscored that the regular forces have no desire to rule Sudan. He also called upon the nation’s politicians to come together and reject division, while advancing the interests of the people over their own. This is the only path to achieve cohesion and consensus, he said.