Transitional Sovereignty Council VP meets with delegation of international envoys

30 Apr 2022
Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has met in his office at the Presidential Palace on Thursday with a delegation of international envoys.
The delegation was chaired by envoys from the EU, United States, United Kingdom and Norway.
The meeting was attended by Sudanese Acting Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Nadir Yousif, and a number of officials.
The envoys stressed that their visit is aimed at supporting the transition process in Sudan.
The meeting participants discussed developments in the country and efforts by the UN, African Union and IGAD tripartite mechanism to facilitate dialogue among Sudanese stakeholders.
They also discussed how to best create an environment that facilitates dialogue to ensure that a new government is formed, the transition process is completed and elections are held. They added that young men and women from all walks of life must play an active role in all these processes.
Dagalo briefed the delegation on the situation in Sudan, as well as the government’s efforts to overcome challenges. He noted that efforts are underway to ensure consensus among all Sudanese stakeholders and praised the tripartite mechanism’s support.