Commander: RSF Peace Shield Division actively protects Darfur, Sudans borders

23 Apr 2022
Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Peace Shield Division Commander, General Al-Nour Ahmed Adam (Guba) has reassured the population that his division is deployed across Darfur.
The statement was made while addressing RSF Twenty-Second Division commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Abd Al-Shakor Area in the Kotum Locality in North Darfur.
The commander ensured the population that Darfur, as well as Sudan’s borders on the whole, are protected by the RSF to safeguard the population and their personal property.
Al-Nour stressed the importance of imposing the authority of the state and fighting violent crime, calling upon the people to coordinate with the RSF to maintain peace and stability.
He also underscored the RSF’s preparedness to continue actively carrying out their duties.