Transitional Sovereignty Council VP organizes Ramdan Iftar for eldery people

23 Apr 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has held a Ramadan Iftar (breakfast) for the elderly at the Daw Hajoug Center in the Bahri Locality.

Representative of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohammed Al-Tahir Fadul conveyed Dagalo’s greetings and apologies for not personally attending the breakfast. He underscored that the vice president is a strong believer in the need to support the elderly and pay respect to the important role that they place in social life in Sudan.

Fadul promised to help develop the center, stressing that the elderly deserve to be cared for and honored as a tribute to their contribution to buttressing the country’s social fabric.

Meanwhile, Al-Sir Omer, the center’s director, said the visit shows the state’s concern for the elderly, while praising Dagalo’s interest in the center and his initiative to organize the breakfast.

Al-Sir added that the center was founded in 1928. It was originally used for both men and women until 2003, and then became a males-only facility. It presently houses 43 guests and several dedicated healthcare units, with social, psychological and nutrition components.

He also voiced his desire for the elderly to have the opportunity to visit Makka (Holy City) this year in accordance with the council’s promise last year, which had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

Representative of the Elderly Yousif Osman said he was pleased with the visit, adding that the center is a home to the elderly where they receive excellent welfare. He also thanked the vice president for his sincere concern for the center.