Transitional Sovereignty Council VP: Sports are of the utmost importance for Sudan

22 Apr 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has stated that the government is strongly dedicated to supporting sport and athletes in Sudan.

While addressing a Ramadan Iftar (breakfast) on Wednesday at the Dinar Royal Hall, Dagalo said the council prioritizes communicating with athletes and promoting sport.

He underscored that athletes are welcome to help spearhead initiatives to develop peace and stability in Sudan. He also criticized political stakeholders who put their own personal interests over those of the people and the need for peace.

The vice president added that unity and integrity will be the driving force of any successful campaign to secure stability in Sudan. He said all stakeholders should unite around the sports city project and help implement it in a timely way.

“I will exert great effort and make use of all my capabilities and relationships to help realize the sports city and also the rehabilitation of Al-Merreikh Stadium,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Sudanese Football Association, Dr. Mutasim Jaafar thanked the vice president and said his invitation to athletes to "work for peace" together with the council demonstrates his commitment both to sport and the people. He noted that sport plays an instrumental role in developing national unity and consensus in any country.

In turn, Chairman of the Premier League Clubs Mohamed SID-Ahmed Al-Jakomi praised the vice president’s role in strengthening the social fabric in Sudan, calling him “a man of his word,” who is honest and forthright in his activities.

Chairperson of the Women’s Football Committee Manal Al-Bushra also thanked Dagalo for his contribution to promoting sport in Sudan, particularly football. She also said the vice president donated six wheelchairs and six motorcycles for people of determination, an encouraging act that proves his belief in the need to support the interests of all Sudanese.