Chairperson of Rapid Support Forces Intelligence Wing discusses resolution of Abyei issue

20 Apr 2022

Chairperson of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Intelligence Wing, Member of the Committee for Investigating Violence in Abyei, General Al-Khair Abd Allah Idris has confirmed that Abyei is under control and careful monitoring. He added that the governments of Sudan and South Sudan are working hard to resolve the situation in the area to achieve peace and stability.
Al-Khair called upon all stakeholders to think rationally, adhere to discipline and safeguard people’s livelihood.
Meanwhile, RSF Commander for West Kordofan, Colonel Al-Taj Al-Tigani Abd Allah stressed that Abyei experienced a period of tension recently, calling on all residents to control their actions and work with the Transitional Sovereignty Council as it moves to bring an end to the instability.