Transitional Sovereignty Council VP: Dialogue is the only way forward to overcome challenge

20 Apr 2022

Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has stated that disputes do not exist between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudanese Army – or any other party, for that matter – despite rumors.
Dagalo said the RSF and the army are fraternal entities.
While addressing participants at a Ramadan breakfast organized by a public initiative promoting the principles of the Sudanese Revolution in Khartoum on Monday, the vice president said the RSF consists are regular, well-trained personnel.
The RSF belongs to no one and can be led easily by anyone, Dagalo said, pointing out that all its departments are led by army officers. He added that the RSF and the army cannot be forcefully separated.
The vice president reiterated that all Sudanese stakeholders need to come together and consolidate around the principles of unity and integration and partake in serious dialogue to bring peace and stability to Sudan. They must work hand-in-hand, he said, to eradicate the sedition, racism and tribalism that exists in Sudan and makes it lag behind other countries.
“Dialogue is the only way forward to overcome these challenges,” Dagalo said.
The vice president also affirmed that the chaos and fighting between tribes in some areas of Darfur will soon come to an end – particularly in western Darfur – while underscoring the ability of the state to resolve any problematic issues. He also praised the role of native administrations and religious figures in ensuring national unity and stability in Sudan.
Dagalo also called upon Sudanese media to strengthen the social fabric in local communities and expose infringements of the law. The camera exposes the facts, he said, adding that the media can play the positive role of a fourth estate, bringing to light issues such as corruption, violence and attempts to hinder the development of the rule of law.
Meanwhile, Chief and Chairman of the Independent Supreme Council of the Bija Tribes Mohammed Al-Amin Trik stressed the need for freedom and democracy in Sudan, noting that he looks forward to free and fair elections. He mentioned that he requested the vice president and all its state leaders to free Sudan’s political prisoners for the sake of their families.
Trik also stated that the “military is part of the Sudanese Revolution, and we are proud to have a strong military component capable of protecting the country.”
In turn, Hashim Al-Sheikh Al-Teib Al-Sheikh Al-Fatih, the executive director of the public initiative that organized the breakfast, called upon Sudan’s politicians to come together and reject division to advance the country’s interests, stressing the importance of cohesion and unity.