Economic Emergency Committee approves 11 specialized technical committees

14 Apr 2022
The Economic Emergency Committee (EEC), chaired by Transitional Sovereignty Council Vice President, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, has held a regular meeting at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.
The meeting was attended by fellow council member, Malik Agar Air.
In a press statement, Acting Culture and Information Minister, Dr. Graham Abdel Gader, the committee’s spokesperson, said the meeting resulted in the approval of the formation of 11 specialized technical committees on issues such as production, oil and energy, import and export, customs tax reforms, public governmental organizations and companies, inflation and exchange rate stability, basic health services, water and education, government and private sector partnerships, and media.
According to Dr. Graham, the meeting underscored the importance of implementing the committee’s decisions from March 6 on securing petroleum product flows and exchange rate and electricity issues in an effective and time-efficient manner.
The meeting also addressed the committee’s solutions concerning ports in Red Sea State.