1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council Announces Establishment of Homeless Children Care Organization in Sudan and S. Sudan

22 Aug 2020

1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo  announced the establishment of an organization to care for homeless children in Sudan and South Sudan to be provided with all its requirements including the buildings and funding in accordance to the international standards  in terms of education, rehabilitation and welfare. The announcement came when Daglo received artist Larson Ngok and singer Tong Mario in Birarmid  hotel in Juba the capital city of Sudan.
Daglo conveyed invitation to artist Larsom and singer Tong Mario to be among the supervisors of the organization in South Sudan State, pointing out to assigning specialists to arrange for the establishment of the organization and registering it to provide shelter to all homeless children who are victims of conflicts, wars and pove.
Daglo praised artist Larsson for his efforts to care for one of the homeless children till the later became a famous singer.
For his part, singer Tong Mario urged the 1st Vice President to sponsor all the homeless children in Sudan and South Sudan. Mario gave a brief about his story as he was a homeless child in the market but due to the care of Larson he became a famous singer and managed to meet a high official of the Sudanese government. He thanked Daglo for his care and sponsoring the organization for caring of homeless children.
Meanwhile, Artist Larson thanked Daglo for his noble initiative by adapting the establishment of the organization and assigning him to be one of its supervisors, affirming that he will convey this good news to all homeless children in South Sudan.
It it to be noted that Tong is a 12 years old child and was homeless in the markets before artist Larson adapted him and care for him till he became a famous singer.