Security Force Affirms Security Stability in the State

20 Aug 2020

The Militarily Support Battalion dispatched to North Darfur State managed to impose  stability of security situations in Kabkabiya locality as directed by the Security and Defence Committee to bring about control and arrest the insurgents.
The commander of group 6 of the RSF battalion , Lt. Col. Omer Bila  affirmed that the work in cooperation with other regular forces as one system in all the battalions according to the directives of their leadership, lauding the harmony among the regular forces in North Darfur State.
He added that the battalion in Kabkabiya managed to arrest some insurgents and motorbikes besides banning the negative aspects, pointing out that they will continue their work in bringing about control in the area.
He lauded the cooperation of the citizens and the local administration besides the renowned figures in the area with the security authorities to curb the security threats and supporting the social fabric, affirming the continuation of the tour in Jebel Amer, Al-Zawya, Ghara, Shoba, and Kawra in Kabkabiya locality.