RSF Thwarts Attempt of Smuggling a Shipment of Ammunition on the Sudanese/Libyan Borders

09 Jan 2022

The Desert Shield Mobile Force of the RSF deployed along the  Sahara Desert between Sudan. Egypt, Libya and Chad, managed to thwart any attempt to smuggle a quantity if ammunition on the border with the State of Libya that was on its way into Sudan, in addition to arresting 2 members of the gang operating on the borders between the two countries.
Eputy Commander ofn the Shafar Military Base, Lt. Col. Osman Abakar said in press statements that as soon as information was received about the activity in the Saif Al-Barli area on the triangle area, a patrol was dispatched to comb the area and the gangs were chased 10 kilometers from the area, during which the forces managed to arrest the smugglers and seize 3,638 rounds of machine guns, and 357 packages cartridges packed in sacks onboard of the vehicle which the smugglers use to carry out their criminal activities.
Lt. Col. Osman affirmed that the RSF will continue to secure the borders and combat arms smuggling, human trafficking, and cross-border crimes, adding that they have made great achievements in all axes since the establishment of Chevrolet military base.