VP of the Transitional Sovereign Council forms A committee of Bija Chietains Higher Coucil to Implement Galad Agreement

05 Jan 2022

Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council , head of the higher committee to find successful solutions to situations in East Sudan issued a decision forming a committee of Bija chieftaians higher indepformingunitsendent admins to implemen conditions of (Galad ) agreement of reconciliations and completion of Galad signed by the parts in East Sudan and in assistance of destinctive and wise figures .
The decision named chieftain Ibrahim Adraup as head of the committee, chieftain Abd Allah  Mohamed Ahmed Abu Amena as deputy ,and chieftain Hamid Mahmoud Abu Zeinab second as second deputy , and deputy chieftain Hamid Abu Ali Sabri as raporteur of the committee. 
The commitee included in its membership Abd Allah Obashar Bawlayi , chietainftain Omar Ahmed Durair , Ali Osheik Sheir Haidah ,chieftain Hashim Mohamed Ohaj , deputy chieftain Fath Al Aleem Abul Basit, chietain Taleb Bilal, and Sheikh Mohamed Abdul Khair , chietain Al Hassan Ahmed Osheik , AbdAllah Hamid ,Sheikh Ahmed Hummed Bitayi ,Ali Muneib Hajeenah, Oddis Ahmed Ali ,Mohamed Tahir Omer.