Executive Director of Kerneg Locality Lauds RSF Efforts in Boosting Security

03 Jan 2022

Executive Director of Kereng locality in west Darfur state , Nasir Al Zein Hassan lauded RSF efforts in boosting security in the locality following the recent incidents tok place .
Nasir lauded in a written letter to the RSF commadanment in central Darfur state lauded the great efforts exerted by the forces during the difficult times that the locality lived in that reflected positively on calmness of the situations and boosting security ,pointed out that RSF played major role in normality of life and helping citizens to back to their areas.He explained that cooperation with the RSF will continue till the citizens secure and safety.
It worth mentioning that RSF commandment in central Darfur, dispatched forces to enhance the security situations took place in Kerneg locality in west Darfur.