Lt. Col. Al-Nour Al-Douma Inspects Kailik and Baranga Markets

16 Aug 2020
Commander of RSF (Group 25) in Kas and Shataya localities in South Darfur State, Lt. Col. Al-Nour Al-Douma Madri inspected the markets of Kailik and Baranga  after it return to normality following two weeks suspension due to the recent incidents which forced the citizens to flee from their home villages to the IDPs camps and neighbouring areas.
Lt. Col. Al-Nour affirmed in press statement (Saturday), that the RSF will exert all possible efforts to protect the citizens in the villages, valleys, and farms, adding that they will not allow any party to destabilize the  area, pointing out that this is their essential mission.
He called on the citizens of South Darfur to practice tolerance, peaceful coexistence and to avoid sheltering the criminals.
For his part, the head of the local administration in Shataya locality, Chieftain Dr. Abul Gasim Lomer Gandouli, expressed their appreciation to the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo for his concern towards the issues of the citizens in the area, adding that the live returned to normal after the efforts of the RSF in bringing about control.
Meanwhile, Abakar Mohammed Abakar lauded the role of the RSF in repatriating the citizens to their home villages and arresting the criminals, calling on all the components of the state to unite and avoid tribalism and all kinds of violence.