Central Darfur Governor Lauds the Pioneering Role of the RSF

12 Aug 2020

Central Darfur Governor, Dr. Adeeb Abdul Rahman affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces have provided a great work in the change occurred in Sudan.
He emphasized, while visiting the RSF commandment in Zalingi this morning, the pioneering role of the RSF in reshaping the political reality after its providing the support to the protesters.
Adeeb pointed out that the image in Zalingi reflects the diversity of the individuals and the RSF leaders a matter that refutes the allegations that the area belongs to certain ethnicity.
He pointed out that at this stage they are endeavoring to shift from war to peace, adding they depend on the RSF in bringing about control and achieving peace.
“Social peace is on top of our priorities, besides the development which is linked to the security to reach a real peace that links the tribes and the communities.” Adeeb said.
He pointed out to the great efforts exerted by the RSF in supporting the peace process in Sudan.
He said that the tarnished image of the RSF should be removed and replaced by the realities that the RSF are forces that contribute in building sustainable peace, affirming the importance of justice, adding that the injustice is the main reason for the fall of the ex-regime.
He emphasized the importance of justice in order to cross the transitional period peacefully, hence achieving the goals of December glorious revolution.
RSF Commander in the State, Brigadier Ali Yagoub Jibril said that the RSF will be the right hand of the Governor, pointing out that they are committed to safeguard the agricultural season and kick-away the insurgents from the area.
Yougoub said that they will confront the insurgents and any fragmentation attempts.
The Governor called for supporting the security and social fabric dossiers, pointing out that the RSF is ready and in full coordination with the Sudanese Armed Forces, the Police Authorities and the security committee in the state.