RSF South Darfur Curbs Insecurities in Demah and Munwashi Areas

25 Sep 2021

RSF in south Darfur managed to curb insecurities in Demah and Munwashi areas in Mersheng locality. Following the incidents of stealing and threating in the areas.

RSF Commander of group 2 Nyala sector, Maj. Khalid Al Ghali affirmed the readiness of the forces to secure all areas and villages, and securing the agricultural season, solving problems of farmers and shepherds according to the directives of the high commandment of the RSF .He affirmed commitment to confront all insecurities and implementing justice.

Khaild thanked citizens of the area for their support and stand with the RSF in boosting peace and stability.

For his side, chieftain Mohamed Abd Allah Mohamed thanked the RSF for boosting security and stability, solving problems between farmers and shepherds. He conveyed thank to the first Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, RSF commander in chief 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.