RSF Central Darfur Inspects the Forces Guarding UNAMID former headquarters

25 Sep 2021

RSF Commander in central Darfur sector, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibiril inspected the forces guarding and securing UNAMID former Headquarter, University of Zalengi now, according to the resolution 106 for the year 2021 issued on 7th September by the governor of central Darfur state Adeeb Abd Al Rahman.

Ali yagoub said in press statement that the forces completely controlled the site. Besides the respect from the citizens to the RSF, represented in the cooperation with the forces. He pointed to the insecurities took place at the headquarters and were curbed by the regular forces. He warned the insurgents to avoid the University headquarter to boost the stability of the current situations.

He lauded the security situations in the state that contributed in the stability of the agricultural season.