Joint Security Force Arrest insurgents in Kailik and Shataya in South Darfur

09 Aug 2020

The joint security force managed to arrest insurgents in Kailik and Shataya area in Kas Locality – South Darfur State. The insurgents are accused of fueling conflicts in those areas.

Lt. Colonel, Al-Nour Al-Douma said in press statements, Sunday, that the RSF and other regular forces goal is to bring about control and imposing rule of law besides protecting the citizens and their properties according to the directives of the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council.

He added that the forces seized 50 motor bicycles and weapons from the insurgents in Shataya and Kailik areas.

Al-Douma affirmed that the security and stability of the citizens is their mission, adding that his forces will continue its efforts to preserve security and protecting the agricultural season.

He added that the citizens are now enjoying their normal lives in their areas as a result of the joint forces’ efforts, affirming that they will deal decisively against those who endeavor to threaten the security of the citizens.

For his part, Dr. El-Tayeb Abdul Rahman Mohammed, the  good  intension committee rapporteur which is formed by the Governor of the State, said that the Rapid Support Forces brought back the stability to the citizens after the recent incidents occurred in Kas Locality.

Chieftain Ibrahim Abdallah of Alsaniya Dalaiba affirmed that the components of the area are living in model peaceful coexistence as they distanced themselves from tribalism.

The Chietian of Turjum tribe, Mohammed Yagoub Ibrahim said that the citizens of Shataya and Kailik are feeling safe after the arrival of the joint force which include the Rapid Support Forces, the Sudanese Armed Forces and the police.