RSF in North Darfur Hands Prizes to the Winner of the Quranic Recitation Competition

09 Aug 2020

The Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – North Darfur Sector – Brig. Jido Hamdan Ahmed (Ibn Nishouk) handed, yesterday (Saturday), the prizes to the winners  of the Holy Ramadan Quranic recitation competition which was organized by Bedmasi Center for Recitation of the Holy Quran in El-Fashir city.

Jido said, while addressing the ceremony organized on the occasion during which prizes were given to 10 of the reciters, that Bedmasi Center for reciting the Holy Quran remained since its establishment providing noble services to the people of the state, pointing out to the sponsorship of the RSF to the competition which comes in the context of its concern towards the Holy Quran and its directives.

Brig. Ibn Nishouk affirmed their practical support to the center, pointing out that the winners conveyed important messages to the people represented by the importance of peaceful coexistence.

He announced their donation of SDG3000 as an additional bonus to the winners, besides donation of SDG160,000 to the Center to contribute in developing and expanding its programmes in reviving the Quranic sciences.

The ceremony was attended by the second commander of the RSF – North Darfur Sector – Brig. Ali Taha Ali, Chief of Operations Division in El-Fashir, and other participants in the completion which was participated by 434 youth competitors.