Head of Equestrian Club In west Darfur lauds FVP efforts in sponsoring the club

11 Sep 2021

Head of Equestrian club in west Darfur, Chieftain Musa Hamid Dawdai lauded the FVP, 1st.Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo efforts in sponsoring the club.

This came following the organizing of the fourth round on Friday, included the club executive staff that renewed trust to Dawdai to chair the club for the fourth round.

Dawdai said that regards to the FVP support the club continues its sport activities. He explained that sport is abridge of spreading culture of peace and acceptance of the other.

He urged members of the club to activate spirit of the leadership during this era, stressing on the importance of raising awareness amid the components of the society.

For his part, deputy head of the equestrian club in west Darfur, Mohamed Hamdan Abd Allah explained that renewing trust on Chieftain Musa Hamid is timely, pointed that Dawdai exerted great efforts to the club. He lauded efforts of the FVP the honorary president of the club.