Daglo:Sudanese Society Needs Protection by the Correct Islamic Concepts to face Extremism

10 Sep 2021

First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, 1st.Lt.Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo said that the Sudanese society needs to be immuned and protect by the correct Islamic concepts and values to face phenomena of extremism,hate and racimism that spreaded in the society and don't represent Islam , and similar to the Sudanes values.

He affirmed while addressing the conclusion of the scientific training workshop targeted 1000 students in the field of Shari'a and fundamentalism organized by Ihessan Call Voluntary Organization at Khalid Ibn Al Waleed in Ummdah Al Sabeel .

This phenomena that widely spread in the country don't isolated from the political,economic and social reality that requires to revise ourselves to evaluate our current situations in order to continue efforts in the right direction .

He pointedout it is the responsibility of scholars ,sheiks and religious leaders to spread the message of Islam ,naturalism in spreading goodness and awareness particularly in the time where Islam and muslims face great challenges.

He explained that reform of the society begins from the family ,then schools , Khalwas, and Universities. So it is important to pay attention to learn our sons the correct religious concepts .

His excellency affirmed supoot and assistance to the programs in all states of Sudan.He lauded efforts of the organizers of the scientific training workshop and their concern with paying attention to the religious affairs.