RSF in west Darfur And the Sudanese professional Association launche Environmental Sanitation Campaign in Al Genena

10 Sep 2021

RSF Commander in west Darfur Al Genena sector ,Brig. Alam AlHuda  Al Fahal launched today environmental sanitation campaign in collaboration with the Sudanese Professional A association SPA in west Darfur. Al Fahal affirmed that the participation of the RSF came in context of society initiatives of the forces including bridging punds ,maimtance of roads,cleaning of Al Genena hospital and internal quarters of the city..Adding that the RSF are ready to participate in all activities to develop the state in all fields.

Al Fahal promised citizens of the West Darfur state to boost security and stability in the state, affirming the auspices of the FVP of the Transitional Sovereign Council , Commander in chief of the RSF, 1st.Lt.Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo to all activities and projects.AlFahal conveyed thank to the Sudanese Professional Association in west Darfur for paying attention to the society issues.