RSF Managed to Bring About Control in Shataya and Kailik in Kas Locality

07 Aug 2020

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) managed to achieve security and stability in Shataya and Kailik in Kas Locality in South Darfur State following the recent clashes which claimed number of lives among the parties to the conflict besides the fled of hundreds of families to Kas city.

Lt. Colonel, Al-Nour Al-Doma said in press statement (Friday) that they are keen to  achieve security and stability especially after the repetition of negative aspects which claimed lives, pointing out that the RSF managed to bring about control in the area.

Al-Doma added that the citizens who fled the area returned to their home villages, stressing that social media outlets published misleading information about the incidents.

He affirmed imposing rule of law in the locality and its various areas, pointing out that the RSF will deal decisively against anybody who endeavors to threaten the security and peace of the citizens, adding that the mission of RSF troops that arrived in Kas is  to contain the conflict and boost the pillars of security and stability in the locality.