Red Sea State Governor Lauds the RSF Efforts in Preserving Security and Stability

06 Aug 2020

The Governor of Red Sea State, Eng. Abdallah Shangrai  has inspected the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – Red Sea Sector – to stand on its preparedness to preserve security and stability.

The governor expressed happiness for visiting the RSF camp in Port Sudan accompanied by the security committee of the State, lauding the stances of the RSF in supporting security and stability, besides its role in serving the community through social  responsibility project.

Shangrai lauded the participation of the RSF in this stage of civilian rule, pointing out that the development of the national economy is a joint concern on the path of sustainable democracy.

He expressed appreciation to the struggle of the army and other regular forces in protecting the nation and utilizing its resources.

He thanked the citizens of the Red Sea for their support to the emergency plans of the state.

For his part, Commander of the RSF – Red Sea Sector – Col. Mahmoud Rahama Al-Dagous welcomed the visit of the governor and the accompanying delegation, affirming that the RSF will remain an open eye to protect the country.

Meanwhile, Sea Ports Corporation Director, Captain Onour Sultan, lauded the role of  the RSF in preserving security, stability and social peace, describing it as a great national role.