Brig. Jiddo Hamdan: The Security Force Formed by the Sovereign Council is Conducting Its Mission Perfectly

06 Aug 2020

Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) - North Darfur Sector – Brigadier Jiddo Hamdan Ahmed (Abu Nshouk) affirmed safeguarding the conflict areas and the agricultural season in North Darfur State, adding that his forces and other regular forces are protecting the citizens and the agricultural season in all localities of the state.

Brig. Jiddo said in press statement today (Thursday) that the joint forces consisting of the Sudanese Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces and police formed by the delegation of the Sovereign Council and the RSF second commander in Chief following Futabrno incidents are conducting its mission perfectly, pointing out to the stability of security situations in the State a matter that encouraged the farmers to return to the agricultural areas and stay there amid the considerable stability.

For his part, Commander of the joint force formed by the Sovereign Council to prptect the agricultural season and peacekeeping,  Lt. Colonel Huzaifa Abdallah Abdul Latif, affirmed their keenness to protect the citizens and their properties.

Meanwhile, the RSF Commander in Kutum, Lt. Al-Sinousi Ahmed safi Al-Nour said that his fores a deployed in the suburbs of the area to preserve safety and chase the insurgents.