RSF Commandment in Central Darfur Dispatch Military

11 Aug 2021

Reinforcements to secure agricultural season in Umm Dukhun
RSF commandment in Central Darfur dispatched military reinforcements of the RSF to the southern Umm Dukhun loacality bordering Republic of Central Africa to secure the agricultural season. 
RSF Commander in Central Darfur, Brig Ali Yagoub Jibril explained that securing agricultural season is one of the priorities the central Darfur Government, that paid great attention to this side as the way out to the economic situation that the citizen lives in .He affirmed his forces intend to work with the other regular forces to provide security to the citizens to achieve their agricultural activity normally.
Yagoub said in press statement following the farewell of the forces dispatching to Umm Dukhun that stabilty of situations in the state enabled great numbers of people to return voluntary to their villiages to farm ..Pointedout the protection of the agricultural season came as directives of the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council , RSF Commander 1st Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo. He called on farmers and shepherds to the peaceful coexistence and avoiding tribalism and racism that delay reaching comprehensive peace to realize desires of the people.