Brig. Ai Yagoub Calls on Citizens Not to Obey the Social Fabric Spoilers

02 Aug 2020

RSF Central  Darfur Sector Commander-in-Chief, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril has called on the citizens not to obey the social fabric spoilers and to cooperate with the RSF and other regular forces through immediate reporting about any incidents or negative aspects that might threat the security and stability in the area.

Brig. Yagoub added in press statements yoday (Sunday) that the RSF are deployed all over the area of Central Darfur State to bring about control and protect the agricultural season, adding that West Jebel Marra RSF Battalion under the commandment of Brig. Abdallah Abakr Goroush participated in containing th incidents of Kas city and is still there to protect the citizens and prevent tensions.