Security And Defense Council Chairs by Daglo Assures forming of joint force to curb Insecurites

07 Aug 2021

Security and Defense Council held its meeting today at the Republican Palace chaired by the First Vice Preseident of the Transitional Sovereign Council,1st.Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo. The council discussed security urgent  issues and reports concerning internal peace and security. 
Defense minister Gen. Yasin Ibrahim Yasin said in press statement that the council expressed anxiousness towards the insecurities of a military form and the increasing of the exploting and using of the military form in implementing crimes threat the social peace and security.from those who seem to belong to the other regular forces, and the armed struggle movements and belonging to these movements. Defense minister added that the council assured to form joint force auhorized to curb all negative aspects ,affirming that to work under one commandment. 
tGen. Yasin explained that the council directed the concerned bodies to hurry in approving laws and legistations preventing chao threating security . organizing demonstrations and peaceful expression that has never contradicted with the public freedoms.
His excellency added that the council reviewed discussed the plan of securing the Oil fields and the expected threats at the production areas and the pipe lines . The council directed the concerned bodies to provide the requirements of if implantation.He affirmed the importance of the essential solutions to the problems ,and solving the s social and developmental problems.
The minister explained the council disuccesed the UNITMAS situations and its future and the continuous demands of Sudan to replacement of the Ethipizn forces with other multinational forces.
Gen. Yasin added that the Council assures Sudan fixed attitude towards the continioation of UNITMAS with multinational forces and not Ethiopia. 
He pointedout that the council is very keen to the issues of peace and 
security and the citizens. He renewed commitment with paying attention and issuing decisions to preserve the Sovereignity of law and imposing of power of State.
UNITMAS situations