Peace Shield Battalion Inspects the Citizens’ Conditions in Kutum Locality

02 Aug 2021

Commander of the Peace Shield Battalion in Darfur, Maj. Gen. Al-Nour Ahmed Adam (Al-Goba)  has inspected the citizens of Kasab Al-Hila and other areas in Kutum locality of North Darfur> he was received by mass rallies including the youth and dignitaries of the area.
Al-Goba said upon being received by the citizens that the visit aims at seeing on the ground the conditions of the livelihood and security of the citizens, besides enlightening them about the role of the RSF in eliminating all the negative aspects, pointing out that the security role towards the nation is linked to the joint cooperation between the government and the people in preserving security.
He affirmed that the Peace Shield forces will have its considerable contribution in making the agricultural season a success, calling on the citizens to report immediately in case of security risks, pledging to follow up the conditions of the farmwers and the repatriation villages to provide the required protection.
The address of Al-Goba found all the appreciation from the citizens of Kasab as was said by Chieftian Hussein Abdul Aziz who hailed the role of the Peace Shield Forces in maintaining security and stability, conveying gratitude to the FVP of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo for his directives in protecting the voluntsry return villages and the farmers in all areas.