FVP Chairs the National Committee for Peace Agreement Implementation

02 Aug 2021
First Vice President (FVP) of the transitional Sovereign Council has chaired the National Committee for Peace Agreement Implementation meeting which was attended by Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok and members of the committee.
The committee issued a decree according to which the Presidential decrees of Centre and North Paths committees become under the chairmanship of Lt. Gen. Yasir Al-Atta.
The committee also issued a decree according to which Darfur Path meeting will be chaired by Mohammed Hassan Al-Taayshi, besides another decree for the Two Area Path to be chaired by 1st Lt. Gen. Shams Addeen Kabashi in the presence of Defence Minister and the concerned committees to agree on an integrated programme on how to implement the security arrangements.
The meeting assigned the committee from by the peace commission chief to conduct workshops in Darfur to explain the items of the agreement and continuing the work on supervising the selection of Central Darfur by the stakeholders.
The meeting recommended meetings for the Paths’ High Committee to determine the requirements for implementing the agreement within three days to be followed by a meeting chaired by the FVP next Thursday to decide on pushing forward the implementation process.
The meeting also issued a decree of forming a force to protect the citizens to be chaired by Cabinet’s Affairs Minster. The meeting directed naming the force as Preserving Security Force in Darfur to cope with what is stipulated in the peace agreement.