FVP of the Transitional Sovereign Council Recieves US delegation of Congress former members , Businessmen and Voluntary Organizations

02 Aug 2021

First Vice Predident FVP of the Transitional Sovereign Council 1st.Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo recieved today US delegation of Congress former members , former Diplomats , Businessmen and representatives of voluntary organizations.
FVP reviewed to the delegation the current situations in Sudan since change to the forming of the Transitional Government, signing of peace agreement with the armed struggle movements. 
His excellency appreciated the high developed level relations  between Sudan and the US following lifting Sudan name from the list of States sponsoring terrorism, affirming readiness of Sudan to upgrade the bilateral relations to advanced levels of coordination and partnershiop to serve interests of nations of the two countries. 
His excellency pointed to the importance of supporting the world Community to the Sudanese community during the transitional period noted  out to Sudan isolation for long periods. Assuring concerning to complete the aims of the Transitional period to reach to the democratic transformation.
He explained Sudan readiness to recieve investments from World wide in different fields.
For their part, the US delegation lauded the Sudanese American relations saying that it is developed following the change took place in Sudan. They expressed desire to build strategic partnerships between the two countries to serve the interests of the nations of the two countries. They affirmed the readiness of the American companies to invest in Sudan in the coming era.