North Darfur Governor Congratulates RSF on the Blessed Eid Al-Adha

01 Aug 2020

North Darfur Governor, Mohammed Hassan Arabi congratulated the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on the occasion of blessed Eid Al-Adha, lauding its role in December glorious revolution.

This came during his visit to the RSF (North Darfur Sector) today, Saturday. The governor listed to complete enlightenment from the RSF Commander (North Darfur sector), Brig. Jiddo Hamdan (Ibnshouk) on the preparedness of the RSF and its deployment in the State.

Arabi said, while addressing the RSF troops: “God willing, we will support you because you are from the soil of this land and your role is apparent all over the country in preparedness, speed and decisiveness”.

For his part, the Commander of the RSF (North Darfur sector), Brig. Jiddo Hamdan (Ibnshouk), conveyed greetings to Mohammed Hassan Arabi on the occasion of his appointment as Governor of North Darfur State, affirming the preparedness of the RSF and other security forces in preserving the gains of the Sudanese revolution and achieving peace and stability in the State.

Ibnshould reiterated their readiness to safeguard the borders and curbing the illegal migration, human trafficking and all intercontinental crimes to preserve the national security.

He pointed out to the efforts of the RSF in protecting and safeguarding the agricultural season and curbing the negative aspects.