RSF in Eastern Sudan Pledge to Auspice Reciters of Holly Quran

27 Jul 2021

Deputy RSF Commander in Eastern Sudan, Col. Balla Mohammed Ahmed said that it is among the duties of the RSF to auspice the Holly Quran reciters and ease their sacred mission.
Col. Ahmed visited the Khalwas in Gedaref to assure the support of the RSF to it for its pioneering role in teaching Quran and Sharia sciences as directed by the RSF Commander in Eastern Sudan, Brig. Modawi Hussein Dai Al-Nour.
He affirmed their commitment to provide the Khalwas with in kind support, pointing out to the keenness of the RSF Commander in Chief in providing support to the Khalwas.
For his part, the Sheikh of Hamoshkuraib Khalwas, Ibrahim Ali Bitai valued high the keenness of the RSF in servicing the students, conveying his appreciation to the RSF Commander in Chief, FVP of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo for his continuous support to the social activities on top of which Quaranic Khalwas.