Achieve Task Successfully:RSF Commander in Al Dain Recieves Security Boosting Battalion Back from Al Genena

27 Jul 2021

RSF Deputy Commander in east Darfur sector, Cap.Abd Allah Maysera has recieved today (Monday) in Al Dain battalion of group 27 partcipating in battalion of security boosting and peace keeping backed from west Darfur after achieving its task successfully 
Maysera congratulated ,while addressing battalion of officers and non coommissioned officers and the battalion officers with Sacrifice Eid .He appreciated spirit of responsibility and high discipline of the group in achieving their duty in protecting civilians, preserving public properties, and cooperation with the other regular forces to curb insurgents to make life normal in west Darfur.
Maysera urged his forces to keep the level of accessibilty to curb any other insurgents threat citizens .Adding that they are ready to secure agriculture and harvest season in all parts of east Darfur state.