1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council: Revenge Will Never Lead the Country Move Forward

31 Jul 2020

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander-in-Chief, 1st lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo has warned against the sedition and revenge which he said it is destroying the country.

He revealed while addressing RSF officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers at Eagles Camp (West of Omdurman) after Eid prayers, a studied plot to resume fighting, adding that there are internal agendas which refuse peace, but the international community wants peace>

“In the past we heard about foreign agendas which reject peace, but now the international community as a whole wants pace, while internally there are who do not want achieving peace” he said, adding “Unfortunately, there are elements who do not want peace and we don’t know what do they want” .

Daglo stressed on the importance of achieving peace and providing concessions to make all Sudanese satisfied,

“Why should we fight each other and we have broad lands and nobody will take from the land other than the area in which he will be buried in” he added.

He advised Darfur people to unite, adding that the problems in the east are man-made and that they arrested the suspects with documents that prove that.

Daglo said that Sudan will not come out amid the seditions and non-satisfaction with each other.

“Revenge will never lead the country to move forward” he disclosed.

Daglo called on the Sudanese people with all its components especially youth to unify their ranks in confronting the seditions, calling on all Sudanese to pray to God for avoiding seditions, pointing out that 16 months have passed since the change, but the situation needs more cohesion, pointing out that there is no change without price , but thanks God we do not have problems.

He said that there are many Sudanese nationalists who want the reform of Sudan, so if the people are in harmony Sudan will cross to safe shores.

Daglo congratulated the Sudanese nation on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha wishing all Sudanese happy returns free of the pandemic.

He lauded the role of the RSF officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers besides other regular forces in doing their job perfectly.