High Economic Committee Launches First Shipment of Gold

27 Jul 2020

The High Economic Committee chaired by 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo has launched the first shipment of exported gold amounting to two tonnes through the financial portfolio.

1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council said that there are compaies which own mining licenses produce 300 kilograms daily out of the government control.

He added that the gold mafia since Al-Bashir’s regime is still working after changings its skins to seem like supporting the revolution, pointing out tht he put his hand on those companies with 340 kilograms of gold but he released them after claiming that they have agreement with the government, adding that this process is going on, describing it as lobbies and interests work.

Daglo expressed astonishment that the dollar exchange rate exceed SDG140, adding that there is no justification for that as it is supposed to be only SDG40.

He described the market as fragile, pointing out that the committee will continue it work in setting new policies to reduce the  US dollar exchange rate.

The 1st Vice President affirmed that there are mafia and gangs which should be confronted, adding that they did their part but in vein, slamming the decision of banning the groundnuts export as it serves the interests of the mafia.

“We are working in supporting the poor and will not support a certain party as our goal is avoiding the collapse of our nation” Daglo said.

He said that the sub-committees are facing obstacles but will overcome the difficulties by the end of the day.

He called for punishing the government departments which fail to avoid that loss of US$98 million due to the damage of groundnuts crop in Port Sudan harbor, besides the rejection of 150 heads of cattle shipped to Saudi Arabia.

He said that the thieves should be brought to book and punished in public places.

Daglo said that they are monitoring those who are working in gold smuggling.

He disclosed that he had heard threats of killings, but he doesn’t care because he believes that God will save.

He concluded by calling on the government to work in harmony to reach the safe shores, affirming that it time for servicing the nation