Joint Security Force in North Darfur Arrests 98 Illegal Migrants on Their Way to Libya

26 Jul 2020

The Joint Force (army, police and RSF) under the leadership of Col. Yusuf Al-Baloula managed to arrest 98 illegal migrants incuding foreigners on their way to Libya through the Sudanese Al-Tina .crossing point

Al-Baloula said in press statements today (Sunday) that the operation comes in the framework of implementing the directives of the Central Security and Defence Committee in regard to monitoring the borderling lines and curbing to illegal migration.

He pointed out that it is the fifth time during a month during which the number of the illegal migrants amounted to 380 all of them are heading to Libya.

He sent warning messages to the human trafickking and illegal migration gangs to stop practicing this crime, affirming that the joint force will remain open eyed in safeguarding the borders to curb the human trafficking and  organizaed crime.