RSF North Darfur Commander Calls on Citizens to Avoid Differences and support Peace

17 May 2021

RSF North Darfur sector, Commander Brig. Jido Hamdan Abnushuk affirmed the importance of the public appearance, and to pay attention to the duties and directives that aim to boost security and stability.
Abnushuk paid a congratulated visit to his troops in Kutum locality, and addressed several prominent figures in the locality included local administration and political leaders and the citizens in al Waha locality. He affirmed the importance the solidity, cohesion, unity and supporting the peace that signed in Juba. Demanding to provide best services in the fields of health, education, and water and linking the localities by roads.
Abnushuk urged the local administration to play its role by controlling the youths in the area and preventing them to slip into chaos, affirming that no one above the law, through which we realize safe and stability, he said. 
He affirmed the readiness of the troops to impose the power of the state to reach a comprehensive stability and to make the state free from insurgents and the negative aspects.