RSF Sponsor Group Circumcision in Um-Zuifa

17 May 2021

Um-Zuifa Administrative Area of Id Ulfirsan locality has witnessed a group circumcision of more than 150 kids inside the area and the villages in the neighbourhood under the slogan (Yes for Coexistence and Peace).
The Rapid Support Forces provided all the requirement s and supervised the accompanied programme of the occasion amid huge attendance and participation of the families who lauded the positive role of the RSF in the society.
The Chieftain of Bani Halba tribe, Al-Toum Al-Hadi affirmed that the project is but a clear evidence that the RSF are providing all types of assistance as part of its national duty.
For his part, RSF – South Darfur Setor – Commander, Col. Yassir Dai Al-Nour said that the group circumcision is one of the extended projects wards the community which include othe two projects in Nyala and Deraig IDPs camp, affirming continuation of launching initiative all over the state.
Meanwhile, the Commander of RSF in Darfur,  Maj. Gen. Isam Addeen Saleh conveyed congratulation to the Sudanese people in general and Um-Zuifa area in particular, affirming their continuation of implementing the directive of the RSF leadership aiming at providing all services to the communits towards achieving peace.