Envious Are Endevouring to fragmentize Sudan to Petty States, Says RSF Commander in Central Darfur

15 May 2021

Commander of the RSF – Central Darfur Sector – Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril has urged his forces to firmly deal with insurgency considering that the RSF has acquired the confidence of the citizens in the state due to its considerable efforts in maintaining peace and stability, adding that the RSF managed to protect the UNMID headquarters in the state from looting unlike what happened in other states.
Jibril affirmed, while touring RSF groups 19, 20 and 28 stationed in North and East Zalingie town, that the targeting of the RSF from the envious aims at fragmentizing  Sudan to petty states, pointing out that the RSF are working hard to preserve security and stability of the citizens from Port Sudan to Al-Genaina.
He urged his forces to stick to Islam, stressing on the necessity of preserving Juba peace Agreement besides protecting the citizens and their properties .