RSF Commander in Central Darfur Addresses the worshippers in IDPs Camps

13 May 2021

RSF Commander in Central  Darfur Sector, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jubril has addressed the worshippers in the IDPs camps and the citizens of Sharq Al-Wadi at Freedom Park in Zalingi city on the occasion of Eid Ul-Fitr, calling on the components of the community from both IDPs and other districts to benefit from the Eid occasion to boost the spirits of tolerance.
He added that the community has its role in achieving peace, pointing out that the services could not be provided unless there is stability which should be participated by all.
He slammed the practices of some categories under the name of freedom to serve personal interests.
For his part, the executive manager of Zalingi locality, Fadul Mohammed Idriss expressed readiness to assist the youth in their constructive initiatives aiming at boosting social peace, calling on the citizens to form youth committee to follow up the demands of the citizens, hailing the role of the RSF and other regular forces in preserving peace and stability  in central Darfur .