RSF Dispatch Patrols to Secure El-Fashir/Nyala Highway

10 May 2021

RSF –North Darfur Sector – Commander, Brig. Jido Hamdan Abunshuk addressed today the troops of the fifth group assigned to comb El-Fasher/Nyala highway. The dispatching of the patrols aims at curbing the armed looting which are committed  by unknown individuals.
Brig. Anunshuk directed his forces of group 5 to comb the areas of Tabt, Shangil Tobai till they reach the borders with South Darfur State in Um-Drisai area.
He affirmed their preparedness to protect Juba Peace Agreement and preserving the properties of the citizens.
He directed his troops to adhere to discipline in their mission and to deal according to the directive of their leaderships.